Cover Reveal for No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

Isn’t it just gorgeous?

I promised this earlier in the week, but with the attack in Boston I decided to wait a few days. Here she is — the cover of my debut novel, No Strings Attached.

I have to thank Deborah at Tugboat Designs. She has been amazing to work with, and her rates are very reasonable. (Check her out at

She finished this cover long before I even had a title, and waited patiently while I debated different options.

Remember my struggles over a title? If not, you can relive them here.

So when is the big release date, you ask? Soon, baby, soon. I’ve finished the last edits and have two final readers scouring for pesky typos. It should be clean by this point, but I will be mortified if I get dinged in reviews for stupid errors.

Here’s a peek at the (virtual) back of the book:

Laura Todd attends a conference in Las Vegas where she presents a workshop on marketing. Caught up in the glitz and glitter, Laura has a spicy weekend with Fox Thornton, a sexy consultant. Since he lives in Atlanta and she lives in Miami, there is no reason they will ever see each other again, and they both agree to a “No-Strings-Attached” affair.

Back home in Miami, she learns that her boss has been fired, and her temporary hook-up is now in charge of her office on a temporary basis. Sparks fly as she realizes that everyone in the office is under suspicion for embezzlement, including her.

Fox is drawn to Laura before he realizes that she works for a company that his stepfather wants to acquire. When he is sent to Miami to investigate mismanagement, all of the evidence points to Laura and her former boss. It doesn’t matter how much he desires her–he won’t tolerate theft. Under increasing pressure to make a decision on the purchase, he brings in a team of auditors to follow the money. All signs point to Laura’s involvement in the missing funds.

When Fox learns she has a flight to the Bahamas, he’ll do anything to stop her from leaving the country with the money, even if it means trapping her on his yacht. Which is the real Laura—the sexy, smart woman he spent time with in Las Vegas, or the vixen advancing her career by sleeping her way to the top?

I can’t wait for the moment that others can share in Fox and Laura’s story, and meet this wonderful couple. These jet-setters will travel from Vegas to Miami, to Atlanta, then the Bahamas. Just remember, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Big Title Reveal Today!!!

I will be releasing my debut novel in a few short weeks on Amazon, and it’s time to have the big title reveal.  I’ve waited for a while until I was closer to publication, but my team is almost ready for the release, so now’s the time.

How is a title developed? In my case, very painfully.  Since I’ve rediscovered romantic fiction in the past few years, I read a lot of book with horrible titles, and Harlequin, bless their hearts, are the worst offenders.  I swear many of their titles are generated with a simple algorithm:  The _____________ (insert noun of male hero here) _____ (Insert verb meaning to acquire) His __________ (insert noun of female hero here).  The Billionaire Gets His Bride. The Millionaire Takes His Secretary.  The Rogue Captures The Runaway. Yes, I’m making these up, but have you looked at some of their real titles? They are like a bad SNL skit.

I am not poking fun at the authors who work with Harlequin, because I know they don’t control the title of their work, but come on. Surely the editors at Harlequin can do better.

So I tried to stay away from that style title, but early on I couldn’t focus. I even had a cover before I had a title, but more about that when I do the big cover reveal this week. I’ve had a cover since September. Here are some of the ideas I struggled with.

  • I liked Mistaken Identity, but the focus of the book changed from how i originally conceived it, so this title no longer worked.
  • For a long time I used A Corporate Affair, because at its essence, the book was about an office romance gone wrong.  But affair seemed dated, right up there with the term mistress. I briefly tried Corporate Hookup, but that seemed like it was trying to be too hip.
  • The next title I tried for a few weeks was grounded in accounting terms (that should have warned me off right there): A Strategic Alliance. There were so many things wrong with that title that I moved on fairly quickly. It conjured too many visions of WWII Axis and Allies.

I was getting closer to having a final book, but still had no final title. In December, I finally found my gem.

My characters Fox and Laura meet in what they both expected to be a one-night stand, but there were complications. Late in the book, Laura reminds Fox, “Remember, what I said in Vegas. No strings. That hasn’t changed.” There it was. The title is…. Wait for it….

No Strings Attached

The title captures the essence…So, here’s a teaser for you…

After an explosive Vegas weekend, can Fox and Laura survive a trip back to the real world, where suspicions and misunderstandings lurk behind every corner? He’s her new boss and she’s accused of embezzling funds. Will their no-strings-attached affair become a tangled web of deceit, or can they build a solid foundation for a real romance?

I can’t wait to show off my cover tomorrow!  Make sure and check back.


Every Author Needs a Photo Shoot, Right?

I’m on the last leg of my journey to getting my words and stories in front of people. It’s scary. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster going up a giant, terrifying hill.

When I was a child and I dreamed of being an author, I had a photoshoot, a book tour, and lots of people wanting my autograph. Now that the publishing industry has collapsed and I’ve decided to become an independent author, I’m responsible for creating my own traditions and dreams.

For Christmas, I gave myself a photo shoot. I learned about a photographer here in town that works with a hair and make-up artist and does great work. I haven’t had such in-depth pictures taken of me since my wedding in 1999, so I was nervous, but Annette, the photographer, worked hard to put me at ease.

Now, let’s get this straight. I write about everyday women thrust into glamorous situations, but I am not at all glamorous. I’ve never been the foo-foo type as I call it. I don’t typically wear a lot of make-up, and my hair does its own thing. But I let Annette have her way, and her stylist worked wonders.

At first I was nervous, but she got me talking about my book, and that got me laughing pretty quickly.  We were three girls giggling about the ramifications of my character’s one-night stand in Vegas.

I felt like a princess.  All that I was missing is a tiara.

So Annette, thank you. You’re truly magical.

If you live in the South Carolina area and you are interested in a great photographer, Annette can be reached through her Facebook page, at

Here are a few of her masterpieces…

Black Coat

Are we really ready for this?

Writer with Pen

As I was saying…

In the next few weeks, as I march toward publication, I’ll be talking about my journey, and more importantly, about my book. I’m having fun along the way, including creating my own rituals and milestones. Come back tomorrow for the big title reveal!