What Happened in Vegas Didn’t Stay in Vegas

No Strings Attached is now available. After double and triple checking my final copy, I felt that the time was right to upload. After all, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter were all visible in the twilight sky. What more of a sign do I need?

This little book started I went to Las Vegas with my husband in 2009 for our tenth wedding anniversary. My husband had been before, but I had not.

I don’t know what I was expecting. I guess after years of hearing how sleazy Vegas was, I thought there would be prostitutes openly stalking the streets, and winos on every corner. I was pleasantly surprised.

We stayed at Harrah’s, but we spent a great deal of time walking through the other casinos. We explored Caesar’s, the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, Venice, Bellagio, New York New York, and the Desert Sands. We splurged and went to see Phantom of the Opera (now defunct) and O by Cirque du Soleil. I found Vegas the ultimate paradox. I was amazed at the opulent beauty and at the same time horrified by the men on the streets handing out the business cards with naked women on them.

Las Vegas is a tremendous conference venue, and from there, it felt right as a setting for the opening scenes of my novel. What happens when a career woman finds an attraction so strong that she can’t deny it in a town known for its sinful hook-ups? What if she gives in just this once, believing that “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas?”

Laura Todd attends a conference in Las Vegas and meets Fox Thornton, a consultant to the hotel industry. Far away from her normally quiet life, Laura is swept away by her strong attraction for Fox. They both know the score, and neither expects to see the other again. After their hot weekend, circumstances bring them back together in Miami, where Fox is investigating a suspected embezzlement and Laura is the prime suspect. Can their brief romance rekindle in the real world, where suspicions and misunderstandings lurk behind every corner? Will their no-strings-attached affair evolve into a strong relationship, or is it destined to stay in Vegas?

I hope you will join Laura and I as we take this journey together. Take a sneak peak on Amazon, or download the first few chapters for a test drive.

If you are a blogger and interested in helping me promote No Strings Attached, let me know. I’ll be happy to work with you. Let the roller coaster ride begin!

A Little Beauty Goes a Long Way

I’m visiting my hair dresser today for my four-month touch-up. I don’t have much gray, but with dark hair it quickly becomes like a red cape to a bull. I look in the mirror and that’s all I see.

Romances are often about transformations, and I’ve read many make-over scenes, particularly in contemporary fiction. There’s the inevitable straightening of curly hair, a lightening with highlights, and often our little middle class heroine gets a designer wardrobe. Most contemporaries have stars too young to have gray, but the coloring of gray is a strong scene in Cher’s Moonstruck.

I have a scene where Laura, my leading lady, goes to a spa before a big party. I chose to leave her hair curly, because Fox, her hero, loves her curly hair. She’s always playing with her hair, and I use the way she wears it in each scene as a barometer of how she is feeling. I can’t wait for you to meet Laura.

One more point about romantic stories and hair as I move from the dryer to the stylist chair. I get so tired of contemporary heroines with waist-length hair. Who does that? Even the college girls I see every day on campus cut it at mid-back. My hair is shoulder-length and some days it’s too much. So next time you write about waist-length hair, get out the scissors!!!!!