Blogger Book Fair: Meet Haley Whitehall

Haley Whitehall joins us today to talk about her children’s books.

The Power of Love

As children we learn mannerisms, customs, hard lessons, and many other things which mold us into who we are today. But did you know as a child we also learn how to love? That is probably the most important. There are different relationship styles and the interaction children have with caregivers, neighbors, teachers, and even pets helps the child form their primary relationship style which will have a major impact on who they choose as a life partner when they are an adult.

Yes, love is that powerful.

I have written two Children’s stories: a picture book Who Tells the Moon to Sleep? and Journey to Glory: A Story of a Civil War Soldier and his Dog. Both of these stories revolve around love.

In Who Tells the Moon to Sleep? Tess learns from her mama that they are slaves and although they could be separated at any time the love they have for each other cannot be taken away.

Blurb:Whitehall_Moon Cover Thumbnail

Picture book for ages 8 and up.

Having learned from Mama that the world is filled with things that do what they please like the moon and the cat, eight-year-old Tess wonders why she and Mama are constantly told what to do. They are told when to play, when to eat, and even when to sleep. Mama gently explains that they are slaves and are told what to do because they are owned by the couple in the big house whose fields they work. But Tess realizes that a person can never truly be owned. The master cannot control her mind or her heart.

This is a tender story that tells of the heartbreak of slavery and one little girl’s powerful plea for freedom.

This book is on sale for 99 cents during the Blogger Book Fair!


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In Journey to Glory Ethan strikes out on his own and enlists in the Confederate Army thinking being a soldier will turn him into a man and maybe he’ll return a hero. His loyal dog Sam does not want to be separated from his master and follows him to war. The strong bond and love they have for each other gets them through many hardships and some dark hours.



Seventeen-year-old Ethan Mire is excited when war is declared and is eager to enlist in the Confederate Army. This is the defining moment of his generation and he wants his chance to achieve glory.

His loyal dog Sam won’t be parted from him. Though he thinks human warfare is madness, he becomes the mascot for the Georgia regiment. His job is to keep the soldiers company and raise morale until Ethan’s first battle gives him a more important mission.

Will Sam follow Ethan only to find the grave?
And who will achieve glory in this Civil War tale?

This story is written for a PG-13 audience and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

This book is on sale for 99 cents during the Blogger Book Fair!


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About Haley:     haley_Author

Since the age of four, Haley Whitehall always wanted to be a writer. She went to Central Washington University and majored in her other favorite subject: history. She has social studies and library endorsements. Now she pairs her two passions into writing historical fiction set in the nineteenth century U.S.

She writes what she fondly calls “out of the box” stories. Forgotten history and the complexities of human nature inspire her characters and plots. Mark Twain serves as her writing mentor. Haley loves coffee a little too much. Perhaps that is why she is a night owl. Cats, good books, and a view of the mountains make her happy.

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  1. Phyllis Lamken   •  

    Both books sound wonderful. I love history. The Civil War and the impacts of slavery must be remembered.

    • Lily Bishop   •  

      Thanks for stopping by. I agree, and the covers for both are beautiful.

    • Thank you, Phyllis. One of the reasons I like to write in this era is because it had such an impact on our history. It is always great to connect with people who also appreciate the past. :)

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