Birth of a First Draft

Yesterday morning I finished the first draft of No Time for Love, Lee and Elizabeth’s story. Lee is the brother of the hero in my first book, No Strings Attached. When last we saw him, he was dating Deena, who works for his mother. We find out his story in this book.

What happened with him and Deena? You’ll have to read the story to find out.

Lee has done as promised and started his own security firm, now called Security Solutions. He doesn’t want to focus on personal protection, but he can’t turn away a lucrative contract protecting Elizabeth Birch, the daughter of a State Senator and candidate for Attorney General. Someone is trying to kill her, and his job is to keep her safe, find out who is trying to kill her, and keep the whole thing out of the media. He’s only got one problem: Elizabeth doesn’t need or want his help and she gets in his way every turn.

Sound interesting? I hope so. Here’s a picture of my newborn, still covered in sticky fix-it-flags.

My Baby

Currently I have over 60,000 words, and about 175 pages. As I add more depth and sensory detail in coming drafts, it will get longer. But before I go too far in the revision process, my husband the lawyer has promised to give it a quick read for plot only to see if he believes the story line. Since my main character is a lawyer running for Attorney General, in ways this is his world more than mine. While I’ve picked up lingo from him for years now in the way he talks about his cases, I want to see what he thinks about the bad guys in this one. If he can believe it, then I know I’ll have something, because he doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

I’m sure together we will tweek the storyline, then I’ll get hard to work on revising. Once I’m happy, I’ll send it to my editor, who will help me make sure my language is the best it can be.

Then it will come to you. I promise.


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