100,000 Miles and Counting

2014-01-23 16.40.53

Pardon the blurry picture. I was sitting at a red light and tried my best to get a good shot with my phone. My car just turned over 100,000.  I’m pretty excited. My little navy 2008 Honda Civic is plugging along.

It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles like automatic anything, or Sirius radio, but it’s a good little car that I drive 40 miles  a day. My little baby gets 30 miles a gallon, which is important if you drive as much as I do.

We’re hoping I can drive it for three more years and then we’ll give it to my son who is (gasp) 12.

Of course, if it starts giving us a lot of mechanical trouble we’ll trade it, but for now, I’m happy not to have a car payment. Ride on!!!

(I gave a little tribute to my car in No Strings Attached. Laura drives a Civic, but hers is red.)

So what about you? Do you hold onto your cars until they start giving you mechanical trouble or do you trade every three years?