Does Anybody Know What Time it is?

First Daylight Savings Time

Time fell back an hour today as most states in the East gained an hour as we returned to Eastern Standard Time.  Now it will be lighter when we get up in the morning, and darker in the evening compared to last week. For a week we’ll listen to everyone complain, ask why we still switch time back and forth, and fuss that they are tired.

I like Daylight Savings Time. I like getting home when it’s still daylight in the summer, even if the first few weeks in the early spring are brutal.

Now we have clocks that set themselves. The cable box, if you still have cable, automatically fixes its time twice a year.  We have an atomic clock, which relies on a radio signal from the “official clock people”.  It also sets itself. My phone automatically changes its time. My computer changes its time. I can flip a switch on our alarm clocks and automatically switch back and forth an hour. (Yes, we still have alarm clocks.)

Usually when the time changes, I have issues with food. Today it didn’t bother me, although my husband pointed out that we were eating lunch an hour later than normal. Maybe I didn’t have an issue with it because we ate a larger than usual breakfast. (Of course, maybe the Halloween candy helped.)

The last time I went out of town for business I went to Destin, Florida, which is in the panhandle and in the Central Time Zone. I never did convert, but there was a reason. I kept getting mixed signals. My phone switched to Central time when we crossed the Georgia/Alabama border. The conference and meals were on Central time, but when I turned on my computer, it stayed on Eastern Time. Since I don’t wear a watch any longer, when I would glance at the computer time, I would accept that time. Then I would glance at my phone and lose an hour. This would go back and forth several times.

Watching television confused me even more, since prime-time shows on Central Time start an hour earlier than Eastern Time. From Saturday when we arrived, to Tuesday when we left, I kept fluctuating back and forth an hour, depending on which device I was looking at. Then I got home late Tuesday night and in terms of time, it was like I had never left.

Nothing reminds us more that time is relative than the twice a year that we mess with it, and nothing reminds more that time is absolute than distance. Try as hard as you may, when you are driving, you can only cover so much distance in any given time.

Today I had no problem with gaining that hour. I’m off work tomorrow and Tuesday for fall break, so maybe that will help me adjust to the new time. Or Wednesday may come and hit me like a ton of bricks. Only time will tell.


How are you doing with the time change this cycle? Liking it? Hating it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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