Every Author Needs a Photo Shoot, Right?

I’m on the last leg of my journey to getting my words and stories in front of people. It’s scary. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster going up a giant, terrifying hill.

When I was a child and I dreamed of being an author, I had a photoshoot, a book tour, and lots of people wanting my autograph. Now that the publishing industry has collapsed and I’ve decided to become an independent author, I’m responsible for creating my own traditions and dreams.

For Christmas, I gave myself a photo shoot. I learned about a photographer here in town that works with a hair and make-up artist and does great work. I haven’t had such in-depth pictures taken of me since my wedding in 1999, so I was nervous, but Annette, the photographer, worked hard to put me at ease.

Now, let’s get this straight. I write about everyday women thrust into glamorous situations, but I am not at all glamorous. I’ve never been the foo-foo type as I call it. I don’t typically wear a lot of make-up, and my hair does its own thing. But I let Annette have her way, and her stylist worked wonders.

At first I was nervous, but she got me talking about my book, and that got me laughing pretty quickly.  We were three girls giggling about the ramifications of my character’s one-night stand in Vegas.

I felt like a princess.  All that I was missing is a tiara.

So Annette, thank you. You’re truly magical.

If you live in the South Carolina area and you are interested in a great photographer, Annette can be reached through her Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/EveInYou.

Here are a few of her masterpieces…

Black Coat

Are we really ready for this?

Writer with Pen

As I was saying…

In the next few weeks, as I march toward publication, I’ll be talking about my journey, and more importantly, about my book. I’m having fun along the way, including creating my own rituals and milestones. Come back tomorrow for the big title reveal!


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  1. Annette Hardy   •  

    Melissa, what a wonderful post! Thank you! You were/are a blessing to me as I get going on my photography dreams and hope our time and your pictures are a stepping stone towards your writing dreams. Can’t wait to read!!

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