I Learned Something Today: French Word Choices

As long as I have been reading and writing, I have never realized that there were two forms of blond/blonde and two forms of fiance/fiancee.  Apparently, when these words came over form the French, they kept their masculing and feminine attributes.

Blonde vs. Blond

Blonde is a noun and is always used to refer to a woman. Blond can be a noun or an adjective. As a noun, it is only male. As an adjective, it can modify a male or female. Some have argued that using the word blonde as a noun is sexist.

Fiance vs. Fiancee

My spellcheck kept kicking back fiance as misppelled. I think it waned the little accent mark. So when I looked it up, fiance is a man engaged to a woman, while fiancee is a woman who is engaged to a man.  I’m not sure how it would treat same-sex couples, but that will be a question for another generation.

Crazy, right?

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