Stephen King Says No to eBooks for Latest Release

One of the most prolific and popular novelists of our time has opted to produce his latest novel, Joyland, in paperback format only.  This is just the latest shot in an ongoing battle between physical books and eBooks. Stephen King has come down on both sides of the fight.

In 2010, he argued that it’s the story, not the method of delivery that matters. You can see his opinion in this 2010 video on CNN.  2010 – Stephen King Speaks in Favor of eBooks (Link to Video on CNN Money)

In 2013, he hearkens back to a vintage era and is going old-style, paperback only. See an article about this here.

2013 – Can Stephen King impact eBooks’ Future?

We have had a Kindle in our house since 2009, and I rarely read in any other format these days. Stephen King argues that he wants to support the independent bookstore with this new release, and I admire the sentiment.

Our house is split. My husband says he will read it in paperback. I have mixed emotions. I have so many books, and am such a voracious reader, I don’t want any more paperbacks in the house. On the flip side, I am considering uploading No Strings Attached to Create Space to make physical books available, because several of my family and friends don’t like eBooks.

 What do you think? If you are a Stephen King fan, will you buy his new book in paperback?

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  1. Larry W.   •  

    I suspect that King’s real purpose is less about supporting the local book store and more about testing his market. If sales don’t suffer he likely makes more money. If sales do suffer, then he issues a statement that he didn’t want to neglect his loyal E readers, and releases it in that format. Win/Win for him. I seldom buy “real” books anymore but will probably buy this one since I have another order with Amazon and this would get me free shipping.

  2. I have 55 of Stephen King’s books, most are paperback, a couple are hardcover. Can you tell I’m a huge fan? :-) I only have 2 that are e-books; Stephen King on Writing and A Face in the Crowd, that he wrote with Stewart O’Nan. Did you know that his sons are authors too? You can find him and his books on Amazon. His name is Joe Hill. I love paperback books, but I have to admit, I do have over 400 e-books on my tablet :-/

    • Lily Bishop   •  

      Wow, I think you may have more of his books than my husband and I! I’m a sucker for Stephen King. He claimed at the end of 11/22/63 in an afterward that his son had a better ending for the book than he did. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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