Confessions from a Romance Writer!

One of my favorite bloggers is featuring confessions by writers today. I thought I would join in the fun and put my little secret out there. A shout-out to her post is here.

My confession has two parts.

Here goes…. I read (and write) trashy kidnap/abduction romance novels. Yes, I admit it. (They say that’s the first step, right?)  I like all kinds. The hero (or heroine) has to be a good guy who is doing this bad thing for the right reasons. It doesn’t have to be a forcible taking, although that’s the best. The heroine could agree to go somewhere and then not be able to leave. Historical, paranormal, contemporary — you name it, if it’s got a romantic kidnap plot I will snatch it up. Why is that? I don’t know, but why fight it?

Do I want to be kidnapped by a Scottish laird and sent back in time, or trapped on a pirate ship? Of course not. But man, it makes for some steamy reading. So any writers stumbling across this — if you have a kidnap plot, post a link in the comments and if you’re under $5 on the kindle you’ve got almost a guaranteed sale. If I don’t already own it.

My current work in progress, A Strategic Alliance, has the barest hint of a kidnap plot, but it was enough to keep me going.  Stolen away on a yacht with a gorgeous hunky man? I’m there.

The second part of my confession is that, despite my obsession with kidnap/abduction plots, I have not read the big bondage trilogy out there right now. Too many writers that I respect said the writing was atrocious. Plus, the price point was higher than I want. I can get my erotica fix elsewhere, so I passed. (Since I haven’t read it, I don’t know whether there’s a kidnap/abduction component or not, but bondage usually has some elements of forcing or what would be the point?) Let me be clear that most of my kidnap plot ideas are the actual taking. The romance comes later, and and rape, fake-rape, or rape fantasies are never ever involved.

So there you have it. I put it out there. What about you? Do you have a confession?