TV Shows I’ve Abandoned-Mike and Molly

I want to tell Mike and Molly, “It’s not you it’s me.” But really, it’s them. we just canceled our DVR subscription. It was too painful.

Mike and Molly

Mike and Molly

Mike and Molly — I really really wanted to like this show. We watched it for three years with few complaints.  I think that Molly (Melissa McCarthy) and Mike (Billy Gardell) are both extremely talented. But I’m tired. The show went out on a limb with two overweight characters, and if I recall, the original plan was to show that heavy people are people too. Now we’ve devolved into a lot of Melissa McCarthy doing slapstick, and Billy Gardell being the lovable straight guy who puts up with his wife’s antics. She’s good, but she’s not Lucille Ball good. If that’s all the show is, it falls flat.

Last year they were starting to develop some of the secondary characters, but apparently the producers felt that their main star wasn’t getting enough camera time, because this season has been all about Molly getting into trouble. We’ve gone from slightly skewed realism to over-the-top farce. Who climbs out of a window to quit their job?

That’s the major reason, but there are some minor irritations that should be pointed out. Two people that large would not be sharing a regular sized bed, or even a queen-sized. My husband and I won’t even sleep in a queen bed on vacation.  I know they wanted some comedy around her mother and sister, but move out already. And we had a brief attempt to move into the basement, but now we’re back upstairs for no apparent reason. Her quitting her job when they wanted to have  a baby and they are always referring to how much credit card debt they have was ridiculous. Molly is quickly becoming a TSTL heroine: too stupid to live.

Final Verdict: If we come across the show we may watch it, but once a show loses its season pass at our house, it’s quickly forgotten.