Found This Amazing Tool…

On Tuesdays I plan to talk about books, or travel. But today, I’m going to talk about the new tool that I bought: a simple 5 x 9 weekly planner.Planner

I know, I might as well buy a Rolodex, right? Paper planners are a wee bit out dated. I haven’t bought one in years. I have an iPhone and all sorts of apps, but decided yesterday on a lark that I really needed to see my blogging and writing schedule on paper.

You may have noticed I haven’t blogged much lately. I’ve been spending time writing more, and all of the other demands of being a wife, mother, and full-time worker-bee at my day job had me feeling overwhelmed. But here’s the other reason. When I would think of something I wanted to include in a blog, I wouldn’t have time to do it right then, so I would tell myself to remember it later.

Did I remember it later? Um… nope. I did not. Unless I had something scheduled with another author, I just let it slide.

My new calendar is helpful for keeping track of book promotions I’m running, blog posts I want to do, and little niggly tasks I need to take care of.

One perfect example is that our bank was bought out, and all of our account numbers have to change. As a result, my family is in the process of changing banks. I was getting overwhelmed trying to keep track of all of the different bills and automatic withdrawals that I had to change to the new bank accounts. I made a list in my new planner, and I feel much more on top of it.

This little planner is small enough to fit in my purse, so I can take it with me.

So… 1995, I’m back!!!!

What do you think? Has our modern world moved past the days of a paper calendar? Or do you still use one?