How to Make it Snow

Snow on BushThose of you who live in the Northern states don’t understand us.  We all run around like crazy chickens when there’s the least hint of snow in the air. We get excited because it happens so rarely. All the schools and some businesses shut down. Not because they are scared, but because we don’t have the road equipment to clear the roads like the Northern states do.

Kids pray for snow. All kids, even the children of atheists, pray for snow. It’s a chance to get out of school, but it’s also a chance to see some of the white stuff, which we see here in the Upstate about once every three years. Kids at our local elementary school have a sure-fire method to bring on the white stuff. A friend posted this morning that his son had

put 6 white crayons in the freezer and just flushed 3 ice cubes down the toilet. Earlier today he did a “snow dance” at school. He’s now “flipping the silverware.” Tonight he plans to wear his pajamas inside out. If all performed correctly, we will have another snow day tomorrow.

At work, where we do a lot of statistical analysis, one of my colleagues asked me if my children wore their pajamas on inside-out last night, and I told her they did not. Therefore, it’s proven. Since my kids didn’t do the magical snow-bringing steps, we got no snow. That’s what we refer to in the statistics field as direct causation.

I have another friend who claims that if the weather-vane above the church in her hometown is pointing a certain direction, and the precipitation is moving in, and it’s cold enough, there will be snow. Again, these are statistically proven.

Snow on GroundWe’ve got a little on the ground. It’s not enough to do anything with, but the kids are outside dancing under the snowflakes.I promised my daughter hot chocolate when she comes in.

I’ve got to run out and get my bread and milk.