College Football – 10 Types of Fans in the Stadium

Clemson Game 11-29-2014

They used to say cotton was king in the South, but now it’s football. With rivalry Saturday, college football is ending its regular season today. I attended the Clemson game, where they played their arch rival, the University of South Carolina. Every game I attend, I see the same ten types of fans. I’ve you’ve been to a college football game, you have seen them too.

  1. Fans represent. Fans who wear team colors, either for your team or the team playing your team. Most fans fall into this category.
  2. Neutrals. I’m not sure why these people are here. They don’t wear any type of team colors. Although I shouldn’t generalize, a good many of these people are women, young and old.
  3. Misfits. Someone wearing a team jersey or T-shirt of a team who is not playing. For example, wearing an Auburn sweatshirt to a Clemson ballgame where they are playing the University of South Carolina.
  4. New Parents. They who bring their baby in arms, or a toddler they are carrying in a backpack structure large enough to hike the Appalachian Trail. I always wondered about these people. The baby’s clearly not enjoying it, and  I don’t see how the parents are enjoying it either. It’s the worst possible option, especially in the heat.
  5. Radioheads. People who listen to their radio headsets and then tell you everything they are hearing. (They don’t realize that if you wanted to hear the radio announcer you would have brought your own radio)
  6. App Addicts. Smartphone people who spend the entire game playing with their smartphone. I don’t see how they have any battery. The stadium sucks my battery life like a drunk throws back beer. (And if you get a call in the stadium, don’t be surprised if you can’t hear. It’s loud)
  7. Tailgaters. People who tailgate but don’t go into the game, or they leave at halftime and never go back in. (Yes, I think our stadium should eliminate the right to pass out and come back in, but I doubt that will change any time soon.)
  8. Walkers. People who walk the aisles up and down and never actually sit to enjoy the game. This includes girlfriends who don’t want to watch the game, but send their boyfriend (who does want to watch the game) to get them food. (I saw this one today)
  9. Drunks. We saw a guy kicked out earlier this year who was just standing in the stands with a beer bottle in his hand. Like the police won’t find out about that one. We also had someone kicked out last year and the girl had a whole pint in her purse. Perhaps they could have gotten away with it if they hadn’t been shouting obscenities, irritating the family beside them who had small children at the game. The police talked to her, and surprisingly enough, saw the pint in her purse. They left the game.
  10. Screamers. Yes, you guessed it, the ones who never, ever shut up. If no one else is screaming, perhaps you should give your voice a rest so you can join in with everyone to make the stadium loud.

You never know what you will see. Today, one of the guys who has season tickets near us told my husband that he had proposed to his girlfriend after five years. Then he said that if he had known it would change the outcome of the Clemson-South Carolina rivalry, he would have asked her sooner. There you have it. Dude, I think she’s a keeper.

I’ve heard of fans going to other venues and getting spit on, or having beer bottles thrown at them. I’ve not seen that at Clemson, and on our side of the stadium, I usually don’t see a lot of drunks either. Other than a few obnoxious fans, it’s a pleasant experience.